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good morning it is monday, labor day, thank you for joining us, i'm eric thomas. and i'm katie marzullo in for kristen sze. meteorologist mike nicco here with an early look at weather. good morning. nice to see you both. nice to see you too. dense fog along the coast visibility down to a quarter mile in some areas advisory for the next couple of hours there. by the afternoon mostly sunny at the coast, 62 to 65 sunny around the bay, 72 san francisco, 84 in our warm spot inland summer heat hanging on 87 to 94 with
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sunshine. more in a minute. here's eric with the news. relatives of a 23-year-old man shot to death by police yesterday say the official story doesn't add up. they are demanding answers from the vallejo police department. amy hollyfield is live in vallejo where there have been several officer-involved shootings this summer. >> reporter: the family has questions so does the police department with some officers having concerns that procedure wasn't followed. 23-year-old mario romero was shot by police who fired more than 30 rounds. police say he never fired at officers. he and another man were sitting in a parked car in lemon park, an area known for gang activity. police turned spotlight on the car but admit they didn't identify themselves. romero got out of the car police say they could see a
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gun sticking out of his waistband they say he turned around and pointed the gun at them, that's when they started shooting. when romero got into the car police got on the hood of the car and fired through the front window. >> the driver of the vehicle exited the car both officers noticed he a handgun protruding from his waistband. >> my brother was not out the car. the door was not opened. if he was anywhere near out the car there would be bullet holes on his door. there's no bullet holes on his door. >> reporter: romero died. his passenger was shot but expected to be okay. inside the car officers found a rubber pellet gun and 40 tabs of ecstasy. romero has a 3-year-old daughter. his family says they are crushed, angry and they want answers from the vallejo police department. amy hollyfield, abc7 news.
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4:34 in a few seconds. in vallejo two men in custody after police say they robbed a home as the homeowner mid terror. police say the men kicked in the front door the homeowner hid in her bathroom and called 911, police arrived just in time to catch the suspects. police believe the 18 and 19-year-old suspects are responsible for several other burglaries in the same area. delegates are arriving in charlotte, north carolina for the start of the democratic convention already there's controversy surrounding a california delegate. mark matthews is in charlotte. >> reporter: the chairman of the convention is los angeles mayor go , you would think california delegates -- would get good seats. in the back in the corner in
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the dark. >> reporter: yep delegates in the cheap seats first rows reserved for swing states like iowa and nevada. >> i hope california never upfront. >> reporter: california delegates met at the airport by an army of volunteers. can't say if saturday night's party contributed to the eject of a california delegate, sometime after this big blow-out two delegates showed up at the hotel one falsely claiming to be a congressman was asked to go home no names being released. one arrest. several hundred hundred marched through uptown charlotte. remember the san francisco woman kicked out of the republican convention during romney's speech? she is here in charlotte with her crew. >> people of all races and economic backgrounds in the streets, a lot of young people which makes me inspired.
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>> reporter: inspiring young voters is the goal of the organizers they are going to stream the until convention on the internet and live stream a spanish language version. >> we know the latino vote could be the deciding vote for the president and so it is awesome they are doing this, very important. >> reporter: california delegation gathers for their first meeting they are going to be meeting with nancy pelosi for a breakfast at their hotel. we'll be there too. reporting from charlotte, mark matthews, abc7 news. >> mark will be live all week from the convention look for his reports beginning on abc7 news at 4 p.m. instant updates all week by following him on our facebook page he's also tweeting. president obama is heading to louisiana to see for himself the aftermath of hurricane isaac. the president's visit today follows a similar meeting between mitt romney and storm victims last week. gulf residents have dealt with
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flooding and has sieve power outages -- and massive power outages since isaac came ashore. they want to know who is going to get the power restored. southern california firefighters are battling a 3600 acre wildfire in the angeles national forest, 27 miles east of downtown l.a., the fire rained through the night after breaking out yesterday afternoon in the sand gabriel mountains, authorities evacuated the camp williams resort which typically has 12,000 visitors on a holiday weekend. the resort is save but the road into the camp is threatened. 300 firefighters are on the ground now. this is a different section of forest from the 2009 wildfire that destroyed 89 homes. helicopter was damaged during a routine water drop over the north pacifier this is youtube video of the fire burning an area of mendocino
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county. the helicopter hit a dead tree. nobody was hurt. the blaze has been burning since august 18th. charred more than 41,000 acres, destroyed seven homes this morning the fire is 58% contained. a man who slipped off a cliff in san francisco is recovering. it happened north of ocean beach early last night near the cliff house restaurant. responders found the man trapped on slippery rocks. it took a half hour to find him in the fog. the man did not appear to be badly hurt. caltrans says traffic may be moving on the dumbarton bridge ahead of tomorrow's planned 5 a.m. opening. video shows crews replacing the eastern seismic joint also lifting the bridge five inches
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to put steel beerings in place. caltrans says good weather is helping the work get done ahead of schedule. dumbarton was closed friday night at 10 p.m.. 4:39 on this holiday morning. bridges open, sun should come up, as far as i know, but will we see it. >> it has for the past four billion years or so. >> i believe it will, we just won't see it everywhere meaning the coast because you have the thick fog. everybody warmer except napa one degree cooler as is half moon bay. we are setting higher base to start with this warmer afternoon that's on the way. orange on top of us is the water vapor, lack of water vapor shows up as orange what clouds are out there will get mixed in with dry air and start to dissipate, a little clouds and fog it is going to get warmer temperatures top out 4:00 inland around 90 for
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the bay, 79, 62 at the coast then drop during the evening as the breeze starts to -- out of coast, 76 inland. going to be mild to warm tomorrow, the cooling starts to hit the coast wednesday and moves inland thursday, temperatures about 10° cooler across the board by the time we get to thursday. sue has a new accident. good morning. santa rosa now southbound 101 at todd, car has gone off the off-ramp into the bushes, it is not in lanes on the right shoulder, that accident is there in santa rosa. looking at mass transit, bart on sunday schedule, muni also on sunday ferries golden gate -- by the way the sausalito ferry will have extra boats for the artfest , ac, caltrain
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everybody on sunday service, ace no service out of central valley toward san jose dumbarton bridge closure until 5 a.m. tuesday. so far traffic is good, alternates san mateo to the north and highway 237 to the south. san francisco if you are traveling down town fremont street is closed due to construction that also until tuesday morning at 5 a.m.. alternate to dumbarton, san mateo bridge flowing smoothly both directions. vandals strike again in oakland. next, the memorial that has been ruined for a third time and what it could cost to repair. offering prayer and support, neighbors and firefighters gather to show support for a friend who put his life on the line battling a fire in san jose.ñcús1@ú?
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the memorial honoring victims of the 19 the 1 firestorm has been damaged again. -- the 1991 firestorm has been damaged again. over the weekend someone cut off parts of a metal sculpture and hauled them away possibly to sell. >> dancing on the grave of those that died in the firestorm an insult to the community and to have this happen three times, it happened two years ago, it is frustrating. >> it is now up to volunteers to raise more money to fix the sculpture they figure they need about $5,000 to make the repairs and fix the security system. a san jose firefighter who suffered a heart attack while
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battling a blaze remains in critical condition this morning. he collapsed last thursday part of a crew battling a blaze on east santa clara street. >> please be safe out there. >> dozens of people showed support at a vigil for ryan and co-workers yesterday where he's hospitalized. first responders joined member of the community in offering prayers. organizers plan on giving a candle to his family. running dry. next, the critical shortage at a mother's milk bank. celebrating an incredible season amazing turn out to honor petaluma's little league team: standing down. why the pentagon is ordering
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u.s. troops to
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welcome back on this holiday. mid 60s coast, 70 san francisco mid to upper 70s around the bay 80s and a lot of 90s authority and east bay valleys. across the country in case you are traveling today some of the warmest weather in phoenix and dallas, triple digit there is, 70s seattle and portland. all of the major airports are okay. severe weather in yellow in the south and midwest. at home without the fog all three our airports will be running on time today. flight tracker at the bottom. mother's milk bank in san jose is low on supply and demand is higher. the executive director says the freezers are empty and
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demand is skyrocketing the bank distributed more than two million ounces of milk last year up from 1 1/2 2009. the bank takes donations of breast milk and distributes it to hospitals. organizers are calling this year's burning man festival a big success. the festival in the nevada desert came well within the number allowed by federal land manage areas 10 dance friday was less than last year. under 60 are allowed daily. last year organizers were put on probation for having too many people. the petaluma little league team is taking it easy this morning after an exciting, but exhausting day yesterday. thousands of people came out to cheer on the young stars in a hometown victory parade. >> reporter: with that, the
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petaluma little league all stars have the key to their city. >> i'm honored this is crazy many >> reporter: logan and his teammates are being treated like rock stars, signing autographs i am >> i'm overwhelmed. >> reporter: how much do you appreciate petaluma coming out and supporting you? >> a lot. they showed so much support i don't know how we are going to repay them, it is going to be hard. >> reporter: by the looks on the faces of fans the players don't need to repay the town they are the pride of petaluma and arguably, northern california. >> came up from san jose? >> we did, watched every game. >> it was a thriller. >> i'm ]a1=c&t, i love this town, such a great community we pull together for each other, it is great. >> i love petaluma the best town in the world, i love the support. >> reporter: now ranked third
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in the world they aren't done yet they have more to look forward, including a dinner with the san francisco giants. >> we are having a pizza party with matt cain. >> reporter: how do you feel? >> awesome. >> best part is matt kemp is my favorite -- matt cain is my favorite player. >> that is so nice to see. a lot of sunshine raining down on them, sausalito, millbrae, nice today. >> nice tie too. >> thank you, one of the three times i bring it out. >> holiday wear. >> absolutely. nice seeing you guys. 4:51, looking down from vollmer peak towards emeryville across the bay bridge into san francisco off the coast thick fog advisory visibility could be a quarter
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of mile at times so please be careful there. live doppler, you can see a little cloud cover, no rain it is quiet now. 50 in santa rosa to 62 fairfield, antioch, fremont, 60 san jose, half moon bay 46° right now for the cool spot. today summer warmth as we round out the unofficial end of summer more clouds will start a cooling trend that will hang around through at least midweek may try to rebound into the weekend. here's a look at cloud cover, going to try to make a late push into the bay by 9:00, 10:00 already out you can see it disspating along the coast. 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s inland. south bay from 82 milpitas, 85
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san jose, 90 los gatos. 82 palo alto, 72 millbrae. half moon bay 64. daly city 62, 70 downtown south san francisco 72 sausalito, 74 -- 76, mid 60s at your beaches. east bay shore upper 70s to middle 80s inland low to mid 90s just as hot as it was yesterday. 90s around morgan hill and gilroy. 108 palm springs, 80s around san diego and l.a., 90s central valley near 80 in tahoe. temperatures tonight in the 50s little more cloud cover along the coast into the bay. two to four degrees cooler tomorrow, two to four degrees cooler wednesday and thursday, friday cool spot slight
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warming trend saturday and sunday. have a great day. good morning. happy labor day if you are getting up and out this early morning to , roads are light here's 80 westbound east shore freeway towards the macarthur maze normally jut a little business on a normal commute, today holiday light. we checked with chpi-5 from oregon to los angeles and southern california smooth sailing throughout most of our state. bay bridge back-up nonexistent, good news. couple of incidents to worry about eastbound highway 4 at railroad there's an accident cleared out of lanes. a lot of events in san francisco and around the bay area, bike races effecting vallejo streets, front street, downtown san francisco and the outskirts possibly parts of the embarcadero later this morning. sausalito art festival, bridgeway very, very crowded
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ample parking but you will be taking shuttle buses. expect heavy traffic off of 101 both sausalito exits. in afghanistan american special forces have suspended training of new recruits to an afghan village militia until the entire 16,000 member force can be rescreened. the move is latest response to a series of insider shootings carried out by members of the afghan police and army against western troops. 45 nato says members have been killed this year in is up attacks u.s. toll for august was 12. the training suspension affecting the village militia is expected to last a month while they the revetting drive takes place. in florida five pilot whales are struggling for their lives after beaching themselves with 17 other members of their pod. i --
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>> i want to show our kids it is the right thing to do. >> hopefully they will get released and they will be back with their family. >> only five whales survived they are being taken care of in a rehab center they are a tight group and speculation is they followed a sick member of their pod on to the beep. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton is spending this labor day holiday in indonesia urging states to present a united front in their dealings with china. she will be in the capital today to offer u.s. support for a regionally endorsed plan to ease tensions by implementing a code of conduct for all claims of disputed islands jakarta is the headquarters for the nations. the u.s. hopes progress will be made before a sum nate president obama plans to attend. a dog with a nose for
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mussels is working to stop a mess beingy -- a pesky infestation. sniffing out the mussels wreaking havoc in lake sonoma and mendocino. they are attaching themselves to the bottom of boats reproduce quickly over taking waterways and does straying habitats and fisheries. caused more than 500 million dollars in damage nationwide. the dog is randomly expecting boats. 4:57. we are following developing news vallejo. serious questions are raised about fatal police shooting. we are there live with the latest on the investigation. california delegate sent packing after trouble at the democratic national convention. part gone horribly wrong. what led to the death of a fraternity pledge. oakland church closes its doors after more than a century. why the end is also the beginning.
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